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There are so many people searching for the best strategies for quick weight loss. In North America alone, weight loss is a 40-50 billion dollar industry. Obesity is on the rise, with 60% of people considered overweight in the United States.

Weight loss products and programs become more popular every year. Millions of people spend their money on various weight loss pills, products designed to help them lose their unwanted pounds, and programs designed to make weight loss easy. Unfortunately most of the stuff out there to help you lose weight is at best, unnecessary, and at worst, a complete waste of your money.

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The simplest way to lose weight steadily and consistently is to count your calories consumed and to make sure that you burn more calories than you eat. No fancy pills, products or powders. No expensive programs, diets, or custom food. Just a notebook, a calculator, and maybe the internet. Even The Biggest Loser promotes the "calorie in-calorie out" method. Just the other night I watched an episode and saw Jillian make the exact statement that all any weight loss is attributed to is burning more calories than you consume. Period. Think about it for a minute. If you normally consume 2000 calories a day then that means you need to find a way to burn off those 2000 calories in order to lose weight. Any calories your body does not use for energy becomes stored as fat for later use. So maybe your body needs to burn 1200 calories daily just to operate its various systems. If you can shave off 300 calories from your food then that leaves 500 calories left unaccounted for. You've either got to find a way to shave more calories from your diet or move around more to burn them off.

Some people say counting calories is tough. I gotta be honest, if you think counting calories is difficult then you better get used to staying fat, because it don't get much easier. Most foods today have the calorie counts right on the box.

For fresh foods, just go on the internet and find a calorie calculator, or buy a calorie book from any bookstore. With a couple of minutes a day you can record all of the calories you have eaten that day and work out what you have to do to burn them off. In fact, studies have shown that the simple act of being aware of the amount of calories you eat aids in quick weight loss.

Obviously there are some other things you can do to speed up your weight loss. Exercise for example. Again, some people simply hate exercise. They'd rather have their fingernails pulled out with a pair of pliers than exercise. The secret to liking exercise is to find something that you enjoy. It doesn't even have to be that aerobic. Most obese people are not that active throughout their daily routines, so any amount of movement can be considered exercise.

Going for a pleasant walk around the neighborhood after dinner can do wonders. Go into the backyard or to a park and play with your kids. Kick a soccer ball around, throw a football, anything that gets you moving. Take baby steps. Start slow and work up to something more substantial. Don't get caught up in the fact that you have to work out for an hour or you get no benefits. Any calories you burn is a step toward losing weight fast.

Some simple dietary changes can really help with your weight loss also. Drinking plenty of water makes a huge difference to the way your body functions. Water helps your muscles operate for efficiently and they definitely need to be well hydrated for a workout. Sufficient water levels also helps your body flush toxins and waste products better, ensuring that it doesn't store more than it needs to. Getting some good quality protein after a workout is also important. Protein helps your muscles rebuild after you've broken them down from your exercise. Choose chicken or lean beef, or even a couple of eggs.

Including fish in your diet a couple of times a week if possible is also a great way to get some healthy fat in your diet.

People think that if you're trying to lose weight, you're supposed to avoid fat like the plague. Unhealthy fat, yes, but your body needs some fat in order to do some pretty important things. Fats compose 60% of our brains and are essential for many brain functions. Our lungs, our nerves, and even our hearts rely on fat. One of the great failures of the weight loss community is not teaching this fact to more people. Don't avoid fat, it's excess calories you need to watch out for.

Having healthy weight loss goals is another motivational tool you can use in the fight to lose weight fast. The important thing is to set realistic goals. Don't think that you're going to lose 5 pounds a week every single week until you're at your goal. It may happen a few weeks, but eventually you'll fall short. If you're someone who gets easily discouraged if you miss reaching your goals, then this is just setting yourself up for failure. It is far better to make your goals something you are in control over rather than the pounds lost. Sometimes the scale just doesn't reflect the effort we put in that week, but that doesn't mean you didn't work hard. Make your goals about achieving your calorie goals, or exercise goals, or how many times you resisted the urge to break down and eat something you know would derail your weight loss efforts. These kinds of goals are not only easier to accomplish, but you have complete control over the outcome.

Everything I talked about in this article is pretty straight forward, no real shockers. That's because the fastest way to lose weight is just that, pretty simple. The secret is in the consistency. You have to apply these strategies consistently over the long term. Going on a fad diet for a week may help you have rapid weight loss for that week, but after its over you'll most likely gain back all of the weight and be right back where you started. The best way to achieve quick weight loss is to count your calories and stick to it. Trust me, you'll be happy with the results.

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Customized Fat Loss

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